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Virginia Viera

Virginia was born in 1958, in a quiet town half an hour away from Argentina’s capital city Buenos Aires. Born to middle class parents who worked and lived near the “Delta” by the Lujan River, she has always loved the water and simple things in life.


She showed an interest and ability for the arts from an early age. She started studying painting when she was 5 years old and has been doing it all her life, taking her love for the arts to different areas; always trying new techniques, surfaces, and using a wide variety of styles and mediums, and using whatever she gets her hands on to make her art very unique.

She studied Architecture at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, in Argentina, from which she graduated in 1982; but she always kept focusing on what she really loves, Art. Even though she took classes to help her improve her techniques, she has always focused on self learning, by trying new things on her own approaching things with her own personal touch.

She studied for many years with Ventura Valente, with whom she participated in many regional expositions  . She also studied Sculpture with Viviana Scabatini, with where  she  had her work presented  at many art shows. .


Years ago she moved to Los Angeles, California to start a new life. She attended some sculpture classes at the Barnsdall Center; and now focuses a lot of her energy in doing what she loves, taking advantage of everything beautiful California has to offer; specially to free spirited people like her.

She paints on almost any surface, including wood, canvas, bark, walls.She has done many murals around Southern California , and anything else she can find; using watercolors, pastels, oils and acrylic. She loves going outside of the box. She does Sculptures in Paper Mache, Plaster, Clay, Stone and Wire. She has worked on some engraving on bronze and copper, and she enjoys doing collages. 


She is a very versatile artist who is always trying new things and mixing techniques and materials which give her art a Unique Style.


Her work shows many influences from Surrealism, to tropical colors and cubist structure.  With her vivid use of striking color arrangements and juxtapositions she has created a truly unique style that is all her own.

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